This electric stealth bike is the ride of choice for silent assassins

It's also ideal for people who like black

I don't like bikes. But I like this bike
We can see why. The Zero MMX electric motorcycle is one good looking two-wheeler.

Its all-black design will blend into the night like a black panther in a squid ink bath, while an electric engine will ensure it zooms along the tarmac in near-silence.

How -
- fast does it go? Excellent question. The Zero MMX can hit a top speed of 137kph, and a single charge can squeeze out up to 264km.

This electric stealth bike is the ride of choice for silent assassins

That's enough to travel from Singapore to… somewhere that's 264km away.

Not only that, but it can handle up to 0.9m of water too. Take that, nature.

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A superhero should ride this
The Los Angeles Police Department is actually currently testing the bike and considering adding it to its fleet of vehicles.

It could come in very handy for traversing LA's mountainous parks, which tend to pose a problem for standard patrol vehicles.

Its maintenance-free powertrain also means less time wasted on upkeep, and more time spent catching bad guys, pulling gnarly wheelies and avoiding fruit car collisions.

I need one in my life.
Of course you do. If you've got €9950 (S$16,900) to spare, then it's all yours. Have fun fighting crime.

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[Zero Motorcycles via Wired]

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