5 startups from Echelon 2014 that’ll make our lives easier

Let us know if you’d like to say thanks to these brilliant startups in the spotlight at Echelon’s Tech Alley/Startup Marketplace

Echelon was bursting with innovative startups looking to make waves and disrupt markets.

After roaming around the booths at Tech Alley and Startup Marketplace, we’ve picked out the ones that stood out the most.

Here are some startups that have built an original, convenient solution in the fast-paced digital age of today.

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What is it?
A self-publishing, crowd-funding platform. Think Kickstarter for the publishing industry.

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Authors can launch a pre-order campaign for their book and build a community of early readers. Once they reach their minimum funding goal, Publishizer will push the book through printing, distribution and/or e-book conversions, while the author keeps 100% of the rights to their book. Always wanted to write a novel on your pet cat, Larry? Here’s your chance.


What is it?
Sale alerts on your favourite items from online stores.

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For all the shopaholics and bargain hunters out there, retail salvation is here. Add the items you want to a watchlist that alerts you the second it goes on sale. Easy peasy.

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Ambi Climate

What is it?
Smart control for air conditioners at home.

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Not too hot, not too cold, get the perfect room temperature and conserve energy usage. The device selects temperature settings based off of data collected from your home, local weather and user preferences. Users can also control and monitor their AC remotely from the app.


What is it?
A children’s education app with performance tracking for parents

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This fun, interactive app for kids also tracks their learning curve and suggests lessons and exercises accordingly. Parents can also compare their children’s grades next to peers by class level, age, geography. Raising your child to be the next Einstein? No problem.


What is it?
Luggage-free travel, true story

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Forget rushing to pack for those stressful business trips, don’t even think about cleaning and ironing, Packnada has got your bag, ermm, we mean back.

Keep a bag of selected clothes with Packnada that will be delivered to your hotel, cleaned, ironed and ready to wear upon checking in. After your trip, leave the clothes there without worrying about packing and they will be cleaned, stored and readily available for your next trip.

They can also store toiletries, shoes and more. Think of it as a Dropbox for your travel needs.

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