20 years ago, Dyson killed the bag - and now it’s done away with the filter too

Meet the world’s first filterless vacuum cleaner. Dyson does it again

Way back in 1993, Dyson decided to unapologetically murder the vacuum cleaner bag, and we were all incredibly grateful for never having to spend money on such a boring household item again.

Now, 20 years later, it’s buried the vacuum filter alongside it.

Say hello to the Dyson Cinetic cyclone.

This sucks

Buying or washing filters, according to James Dyson, is a nuisance, and despite bagless vacuum cleaners promising no loss of suction, performance does begin to drop after filters start clogging up. 

Dyson’s new Cinetic cyclone vacuums however, promise no loss of suction, even after ten years’ worth of dust. But how does it work?

Science, yo

While smaller cyclones provide higher centrifugal forces to capture small particles, the smaller the cyclone diameter, the more likely they are to block. 

To combat this, Dyson’s clever engineers have produced cyclones with flexible tips. The vortex of airflow that occurs during hovering causes the tips to oscillate at high frequencies, preventing dust from sticking to them and ensuring that they remain clear and unblocked.

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Hard knock life

The new Dyson Cinetic vacuum was slammed sideways into steel blocks 200 times and tested for over 9,000 hours (or 500 years of vacuuming) to ensure it can handle anything your humble abode can throw at it.

£136,000 (S$285,000) was also spent on ‘aggressive test dust’ (whatever that is), and suppliers were apparently run dry. Nothing like being thorough we suppose.

Price and release dates

Three variations of the Dyson Cinetic vacuum will be available, all of which feature Dyson’s ball and trigger-bin emptying mechanism.

The Multi floor, Animal and Animal Complete Cinetic vacuums can be yours for £420 (S$880), £460 (S$965) and £470 (S$985)respectively, and they’ll be available ‘from January 2014’.

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