Don't dismiss game to movie adaptions

Some of them are even worthy of an Oscar nomination, says Tein Hee Seow

Seeing Angelina Jolie kicking ass was a dream come true for this gamer. In fact, this should apply for any gamer.

Woah, it’s not what you think, I’m merely appreciating how filmmakers try to faithfully adapt the essence of games into a live-action movie and make it work for the big screen.

Seriously, stop giving me that judgemental look. There’s nothing wrong with a little creative freedom for adaptations. You do realise that the opening credits usually announce how the movie is ‘based on’ a game?

Take the Resident Evil movies as an example. It got fans of Capcom’s action/horror series excited over Alice, who doesn’t even exist in the games. It helps that Milla Jovovich executes her stunts with absolute finesse and keeps the adrenaline pumping with all that hard-hitting action. But when you go into a theatre, expecting to see every single detail replicated from the game into a movie, what’s the point? You might as well spend more than 30 hours on the game.

Don't dismiss game to movie adaptions

Creative writing and the right cast is crucial to make such adaptations successful. You can agree to disagree, but I loved the witty banter between Jake Gyllenhaall and Gemma Arterton in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. And yes, the fact that they’re both eye candies is an appealing factor.

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Then, there are movies so impossibly faithful, it’s just ridiculously bad, in a good way. I watched the live-action movie of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (known as Gyakuten Saiban) on a flight, laughing hysterically at the over-the-top humour. Fellow passengers were definitely not amused and equally incredulous at what made me laugh like a madman.

Don't dismiss game to movie adaptions

Though I do love a nonsensical movie based on a game, the plot is still a crucial element. Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us have proven that storytelling is just as important as the action-packed gameplay. Plot-driven games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have blurred the line between games and film making, so much that it feels like an interactive movie.

Needless to say, such games will require the same attention to details with the script to pull off a great adaptation. Give it a bad screenplay and you’ll end up with duds like what infamous director Uwe Boll did with a few classic games. But you can’t condemn every single game to movie adaptation out there just because of a few bad eggs.

Go in with a fresh perspective, a bag of popcorn and just enjoy the ride. Start off with our recommended list of faithful game to movie adaptations.

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