Design Tuesday: 6 of the most uncomfortable-looking chairs in the history of sitting

Our eyes might agree with these cool designs, but we’re not sure if our behinds would appreciate those awkward angles

Shifting around in your office chair trying to find that elusive sweet spot? These chairs will make you appreciate the creaky old thing you’re seated on.

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne deserves a mention, even though it doesn't exist. We have no idea why a throne made out of cold, sharp, metal swords that can cut you to pieces when you sit on it is the most coveted seat in Westeros. Get a tetanus shot before you park your behind on it, lest it sticks you with a rusted pointy end.

By the way, almost everyone who sat on the Iron Throne died a violent death. You've been warned.

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Moto Chair by Jang Woo-seok

Your eyes might like this, but your butt won’t. Designed as a reinterpretation of the classically uncomfortable motorcycle seat, the Moto Chair is bound to be a white elephant in your living room - until your masochistic biker friend pops over for a visit.

Nest Chair by Pawel Grunert

Calling it a nest is awfully misleading; we can’t think of any bird that might willingly sit in this. Perhaps one with a permanent itch, in desperate need of some exfoliation, or really, just someone without any nerve endings. 

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