Design Tuesday: 5 of the coolest motorcycles ever

Two-wheeled works of motorised art we wish we owned

There’s just something about motorcycles that makes them inherently cool. And what's cooler than cool? According to Outkast it's "ice-cool", but whatever it is, these sub-zero rides are undeniably desirable, and might even make you reconsider getting that riding license you gave up on years ago.


Fully electric, ultra-exclusive, and able to go from 0-100km/h in just 3 seconds on its way to 240km/h. The 160hp Mission RS is definitely one of the most advanced electric motorbikes on the road today, and a great sign of what the future of electric vehicles could be. After all, it’s even got Bluetooth connectivity, a HUD, and a touchscreen display that you use to view data and control the bike’s settings.

Could you ride it? You could, if you pre-order the bike for US$59,000 (S$75,000), shipping and taxes not included. It’s limited to only 40 units though, so act fast.

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