This credit card-sized LED flash will supercharge your smartphone photos

Boost your snaps with this pocketable light-blaster

Amazing business card. Shame you forgot to print your info on it.
This isn't a swanky business card. It's a Bluetooth flash, dotted with 40 warm and cool (or white and yellow) LEDs.

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I've already got a flash thanks. It's on my phone.
Yes, we know. But as good as smartphone cameras have become, their low-light performance still leaves a lot to be desired.

A single (or even dual) LED flash on a smartphone produces over-exposed photos which wash out people's features, making them look pale and ghostly.

Using 40 LEDs adjusted to compensate for either warm or cool light conditions lights subjects more evenly for natural skin tones and softer shadows.

How am I meant to control it?
There's an accompanying iPhone or Android app which lets you control the warmth of the LEDs and syncs them up with the camera shutter button for the perfect shot. 

The Nova is rechargeable via microUSB too, so there's no need to mess around with batteries.

I want to scare my cat. How much is this?
You can snap one up right now for US$60 (S$75). Take it for a spin the next time you're leaping around on a dimly-lit dance floor. Though in that situation, you'd probably be better off with no flash altogether…

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