Christmas Gift Guide: Last-minute present ideas and subscriptions

Wait? Are you telling us you haven’t gotten your Christmas gifts yet? Fret not, we’re here to save the day

Ok, so you’ve dropped the ball on Christmas shopping once again. We know that feeling all too well.

Chances are, you can still get some of the items we’ve listed in our Christmas gift guide, except for those that have already gone past the Christmas shipping date.

Worry not, this is the digital age. Plus, brick and mortar stores are still open, so you better get moving and do some weekend shopping if you want to get those Christmas presents ready.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s

Oh, is that mistletoe? Better pull that hot chick at the Christmas party under it, and persuade your friend to unwrap this Polaroid camera and capture that smooch. Remember, prep some Instax film first.

Get it from Harvey Norman

iTunes Apps, Songs and Movies

Apps. Movies. Songs. You name it, iTunes has it. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your friends have an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV to redeem these great digital gifts. Or, you could get a brand new iDevice for them.

Get it from iTunes

Marvel Unlimited

A buffet of comics? Why, yes please. This will keep the geeks occupied during the Christmas break, allowing them to catch up on the latest adventures of the mutants before X-Men: Days of Future Past hits cinemas next year. Don’t forget to quote BOGOP for Annual Plus, BOGOA for Annual and BOGOM for Monthly when you subscribe - that’ll net yourself a free gift subscription!

Get it from Marvel Unlimited

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Sphero 2.0

Bring this ball of fun to the party, and all is forgiven. Control the intelligent sphere via your iOS or Android device with over 25 apps to meddle with. Special bonus if your friends have a pet - it’ll make the little one go nuts chasing it around the room.

Get it from EpiLife


Leave it to the digital age to save you from the wrath of the missus. Send a Spotify gift amount, ranging from a month (S$9.90) to a year (S$118.80), to your loved ones. Give them the choice of over 28 million tracks to stream to their computers, smartphones and tablets, both online and offline.

Get it from Spotify


Shopping for gamers is always easy, thanks to Valve’s game distribution platform, Steam. As usual, the annual Christmas sale has started, and not a moment too soon. Huge discounts on games mean you can buy more for your friends, thus keeping them satisfied that they got not one, but perhaps two games just because it was sent at the eleventh hour.

Get it from Steam

Valore Transformers Case for iPad mini

Darn it, did someone beat you to it and buy an iPad mini for a Christmas present? Don’t worry, an iPad mini case is just as good. Especially when it’s one that lets you prop the tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Get it from Challenger

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