Christmas Gift Guide: 12 presents for fitness fanatics

Check Assesment Device

Check bucks the trend of wearable fitness gadgets that record your progress. Instead, it uses low voltage currents (TENS) to stimulate your peripheral nervous system. Don't be scared, it's just assessing the level of fatigue in your muscles to help optimise training. Body still recovering from your last brutal workout? Check will let you know and tell you to take it easy, reducing the risk of injury.

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Bose SIE2GG headphones

Music while running? Good. Headphones falling out every three paces? Bad. Very bad, and extremely annoying in fact. These Bose headphones will grip your ears tighter than a glue-covered vice thanks to their special ear tips, and they're sweat and weather-resistant too. Oh and they sound great.

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Tom-Tom Multi-Sport GPS watch

If you don't fancy lugging your 6in phablet around with you on your run (and you definitely won't want it in the pool), then this TomTom wrist-hugger is the answer. It has its own in-built GPS unit which means it doesn't need a smartphone to track your workouts and you can keep on top of your progress with regular PC syncs, uploading your data to TomTom's MySports site.

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Nike Air Max 2014

Yes they're pretty hard on the wallet, but just look at that paint job. You'll have the snazziest running shoes on the block and they're not just a pretty face either. Cushioned from heel to toe with two sock-liner options, the new Nike Air Max trainers even glow in the dark, and you can customise them with Nike iD to your heart's content.

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