Christmas Gift Guide: 12 presents for fitness fanatics

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for the health-conscious? We've rounded up the best fitness gadgets for sports from running to cycling – and everything in between

We know how it is. We bust out a thousand squats before breakfast, swim to work, then run home. Got to keep young and spry after all.

If you or someone you know is equally as focused on slowing down the ravages of time (sorry to get a little morbid) then here's a smattering of fitness gear that'll help you achieve your goals, then smash them with personal bests.

Withings Wi-Fi body scale

The humble scale has evolved from an instrument that induces shameful guilt in your bathroom to one that multiplies said guilt ten-fold by sharing your progress with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Calculating your BMI, fat and lean mass, an accompanying Android and iOS app lets you track your stats after you've wirelessly uploaded them.

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Pelvic tilt angle. Probably not something you give much thought to, but if you've got a good one then your posture and back should be pretty happy. If not then LUMOback can help. Strapped to your back, it chats to your iDevice via Bluetooth and gently vibrates/nags you to sit up straight. It also records your steps and how many times you stand up everyday.

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Finis Neptune SwiMP3 player

These clever waterproof headphones have 4GB of built-in memory and pump your tunes directly into your brain thanks to bone conducting tech. Clip onto your goggles and dive in. Worth buying for the name alone.

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Magellan Echo smart running watch

If you don't mind carrying your phone with you while you're chasing pavements then the Magellan Echo is the smartwatch for you. Streaming information to your phone in real-time, you can see detailed info about your pace, timing, heart rate and more, before uploading data to apps like MapMyRun and Strava.

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