Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for film buffs

Lights! Camera! Action! These presents will make your festivities into a blockbuster

Christmas and films are inextricably linked – from It's a Wonderful Life to Die Hard.

We've put together a selection of blockbuster gifts that'll surely put a Tom Cruise-sized grin on your favourite film buff's face.

Editor's note: the prices listed here are an estimate based on the currency exchange rate and Amazon-listed prices on the date of publishing 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition 3D Blu-ray (S$45)

Peter Jackson's Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings were the gold standard for added extras – and his director's cut of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey doesn't disappoint. Some might gripe that the last thing Jackson's version of The Hobbit needs is more footage, but they are joyless curmudgeons, all.

Jackson's additions to the narrative are less extensive than those made to the Lord of the Rings films – but it's the Appendices where this Blu-ray shines; nine hours of special features that go into exhaustive detail on the production of the film.

SAMSUNG UA65F9000AK UHD 4K TV (S$9499)

A movie buff needs something to watch all those films on – and this Samsung UHD 4K TV is the perfect display for a movie den. Its upscaling technology delivers crisp 4K details from 1080p sources. It's so clear, you won't even need to squint to see the pores on those faces. Oh, did we mention that it's also the Best TV of the Year in our Stuff Readers' Choice Awards?


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Star Wars: Frames (S$127)

Presumably at a loose end after handing the reins of Star Wars over to J.J. Abrams, George Lucas went through the films frame-by-frame to pick out his favourite images from the saga – presenting them in this coffee table tome. Treating the frames as works of photography, this lavish two-volume set is a great way to revisit the Star Wars films – without having to listen to the prequels' leaden dialogue.

The Shining print (S$71)

Give your home the welcoming aspect of The Shining's haunted hotel with this charming print, which recreates the Overlook's iconic geometric carpet pattern. Just don't venture into Room 237…

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