Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for photographers

Personalised camera strap

Nothing says, “I’ve put more than the usual amount of consideration into your present” than having something personalised, and Ukraine-based Etsy seller Viveo has the perfect item for camera enthusiasts: a fetching hand-cut leather camera strap that can be personalised with up to five letters. The strap should fit most DSLRs, CSCs and rangefinder models, but you can get in touch to check if you’re not sure.

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35

Lensbaby’s selective focus lenses allow DSLR and CSC users to take dream-like shots, with only a portion of the frame in sharp focus and the other areas diffracting into beautiful blurry bokeh. It’s an effect you won’t be able to replicate in Photoshop, and Lensbaby’s solution – available for most types of lens mount – is far cheaper than buying a real tilt-shift lens.

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Genesis by Sebastiao Salgado

A coffee table book that will inspire your friend to get out into the great wide open and start shooting, Salgado’s collection of jaw-dropping black and white landscape shots shows just why the Brazilian is today’s answer to Ansel Adams.

Book Depository

Goo.ey Skins

Allowing you to turn any smooth surface into a solid – but temporary – mount for your phone or tablet, Goo.ey’s skins stick fast thanks to a polyurethane epoxy coating. But they’re smart enough that won’t stick inside your pockets or anything like that. Anyway, they make a nice, quick alternative to a tripod (as long as there’s a smooth surface nearby) and come in useful in lots of other ways too. Available for most Apple iOS and Samsung Galaxy devices.

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