Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for music makers

Roland Cube Lite Monitor / Guitar Amplifier

Two variants of the same concept, the Cube Lite Monitor is a chunky but compact speaker for keyboardists and synth alchemists, while the Cube Lite Guitar Amplifier is a practice amp for axe wielders. The Monitor comes with reverb and delay effects while the Amp offers its own distortion. Both link up to an iOS app for playing along to your music collection.

MIDI Fighter Spectra

Bust out of the point-and-click tedium of computer music software with this built-to-order MIDI controller. Pick your colours, place your order and when your Spectra turns up you can use it to fire off drum sounds and samples from a computer or to add another layer of performance control to a DJ set-up.

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Novation BassStation II

If you're looking for an affordable synth to form the heart of your setup, the BassStation II is hard to beat. With a feast of knobs to be twiddled, it's much more than just a bassline generator, capable of an endlessly fascinating range of classic and fashionable parps, wobbles, screams and bloops.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO

For home and house party DJs this is the business. Just plug in your iOS or Windows device and you're ready to mix with all the panache of a pro, thanks to effects and beat-syncing. But don't buy it just yet, enter our competion to win one! We've partnered with Pioneer in celebration of their new product launches in Singapore.


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