Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadget gifts for Android fans

We've rounded up some of the best bits of kit that'll land a smile on any Android fan's face on Christmas day

The Android faithful are a passionate bunch, flying the green Google flag in the long war against iOS with dedication.

It's exhausting work calling Apple names at every iLaunch, so to reward them for their efforts in battle, we've rounded up a few presents that'll warm their cockles come Christmas day. If they have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 5, LG G2, HTC One, Google Nexus 7 or similar, they'll be made up with these.

Klipsch S4A II (S$169)

These made-for-Android earbuds feature an in-line remote and mic which can be customised with a free Klipsch Control app from the Play Store. Its oval tips ensure a deep, snug fit which’ll block out pesky commuter noise and the sound quality is just what you’d expect from Klipsch, with dynamic detail and punchy ear-shaking bass.

Price: S$169, from Tat Chuan Acoustics

SteelSeries gaming controller (S$135)

Don’t let the size of this tiny controller put you off. With dual shoulder buttons and two analogue sticks, it offers much more precision than on-screen controls meaning more first place finishes and less fender benders. Ten hours of non-stop play means it’ll keep on going long after you’ve fallen asleep during a marathon mobile gaming session too.

Price: S$135, from GameShop

MOGA Pro controller (S$89)

If you’ve got an Android tablet hooked up to your TV for some proper living room gaming then the MOGA Pro controller will be more up your street, thanks to its Xbox 360 controller-like size and design. Dual analoge sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers are all present, and it’s even got a built-in smartphone clip in case you want to turn your morning commute up a notch or two.

Price: S$89, from Expansys

Blank DIY Android mini figurine (US$10)

Adorable isn’t it? But don’t worry, this little droid isn’t anaemic, it’s just a blank slate for you to doodle over however you like. Want a mini Harry Potter droid with a little lightning scar and a red and gold scarf? Go for it. Time to break out those felt tips…

Price: US$10 (S$13), from Amazon

Jawbone UP (S$189)

Jawbone’s stylish fitness tracker is thin and light enough to leave on all the time, which is a useful trait for something that can measure your sleep and record your activities from walking to cycling, and everything in between. It manually transmits data to its iOS or Android app via the headphone jack, which means its battery lasts a good ten days too.

Price: S$189, from Apple Store

10x Kamor NFC tags (US$13)

NFC is one piece of functionality no iThing can equal. And while they might not look like much, these waterproof NFC tags can open the door to a magical world of smartphone automation when used in conjunction with apps like Trigger. Scan the one on your dashboard, and boom: you’ve got Bluetooth on, GPS on and Wi-Fi off, all done automatically, thanks to a simple tap.

Price: US$13 (S$16), from Amazon

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X-Mini Kai (S$99)

The Minx Go blasts out a mightier sound than its S$99 price tag would suggest and serves up 8 hours of Bluetooth playback with crisp sound and booming bass. The boom box is so portable, you can pretend to turn up empty-handed at a friend's Christmas party and whip the tiny speaker out of your pants for a surprise.

Price: S$99, from X-Mini store

Google Chromecast (US$35)

Chromecast is a portal to your Android/iOS and PC devices which simply plugs into your TV’s HDMI socket (drawing power via USB) and lets you beam content from your Android smartphone and even Macbooks to the display. With a virtual private networking service, you can stream Netflix or Play Store videos straight to the big screen. Slip it in your bag and enjoy your movies at whichever long-lost relative's house you happen to end up at on Christmas day.

Price: US$35 (S$44), from Amazon

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack (S$319)

Yes, S$319 for three lightbulbs and a wireless controller is shocking but this isn’t just any lighting system. The Hue is a smart lighting system: you can change its colour remotely via a free app even from across the globe. You can even dim the lights remotely to set the mood (you classy devil you) or set them to turn on in the morning and wake up in style. All that and they’re 80 per cent more efficient than traditional bulbs too.

Price: S$319, from Apple Store

Mophie powerstation mini (US$60)

A dying battery while you’re out and about is a terrible thing, which is why an extra 2,500mAh’s worth of juice will be more welcome than a bottle of water in the desert. The Mophie powerstation mini offers just that, and it’s small enough to slip into your pocket without forming an unsightly bulge.

Price: US$60 (S$75), from Mophie

Micro USB Host OTG Cable (S$4)

If someone gave this to you for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that they hate you. If anything, it means that they want you to unleash the full potential of your trusty Android device by allowing you to hook up USB sticks, external hard drives, and USB peripherals like keyboards and mice. It’ll turn your smartphone into a miniature PC, and it only costs a few quid. A definite stocking filler, if we’ve ever seen one.

Price: S$4, from Qoo10

Tekmax Qi Wireless Charging Pad (S$68)

Ditch those cables and clean up that wire clutter. Shower your fellow Android users with the gift of tidiness when you present the Tekmax Qi Wireless Charging pad. Pro-tip - have a quick gander at their device, and find out if it supports the Qi wireless charging standard before you swipe that credit card.

Price: S$68, from Expansys

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