The Sleep Number x12 snoozes your partner's snoring

And simultaneously causes a drastic drop in divorce rates all over the world

As marriage isn’t always a bed of roses, or silence for that matter, this bed coupled with technology has created the cure for your dark eye circles.

The Sleep Number x12 comes with built-in sensors to track and analyse your sleep patterns via app to give you a sleep score and an idea of how well you're doing at sleep. Stuffed to its seams with body-melding memory foam, the x12 makes it even harder to get out of bed with inflatable cushions that adjust each side's firmness.

Sleep smart and sound

The Einstein of beds demonstrates its genius via its wireless voice-controlled remote. The device controls a number of factors that you never thought you needed until now. As the top of the mattress is split, both sleepers can set individual angles for resting or reading without disturbing the other. The remote also has the ability to control bedside lighting and activate a full-body massage to knead you into sleep.  

Sleep smart and sound

But the best part of it all is if your partner should start snoring, just whisper or hit the Partner Snore function and that side of the bed should tilt about six degrees upwards to put a stop to that deep-chested chainsawing through your dreams. Peace at last. 

Now excuse us, we’re off to set our analogue beds on fire, and try to scrape together US$8000 (S$10,180) for the Sleep Number x12.

Source: Gizmodo, Images: Mashable, Time

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