Stuff Tripping: In Bali with the Canon PowerShot N100

At the peak, after three grueling hours

We were promised sunrise views, but nature jilted our feelings (and sight) with a dense fog. But still, the Canon PowerShot N100 managed to capture activity quite a distance away.  

So much paddy

We've only seen this in movies so we got excited to see paddy fields right in front of our eyes. Living in a concrete jungle does have its limitations. 

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If only you could smell the roast

Another thing Indonesia is known for - coffee. This lady's a professional in roasting the beans - that too on a charcoal bonfire. 

Many moments for prayer

There are more temples around Bali than anything else. Every corner you turn, there's one. 

Music is part of culture

The Indonesians include music into everything - not just dance, but also in prayer. It apparently tells a story.. 

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