Give your home’s aural landscape a Bose with SoundTouch

New wireless sound systems will drastically improve the atmosphere of your digs, no strings attached

Home lacking in aural ambience? Bose's first-ever wireless speakers will stream the music from your many sources.

The SoundTouch 30 (S$1099) packs a bumping new woofer to power rich sound all through your cave. Should you have space constraints, the smaller SoundTouch 20 (S$639) will tuck away nicely in a corner of your home, amp up its appearance with its sleek design, and power a natural sound experience.

Liven up your digs

The SoundTouch Portable (S$639) measures a paltry 6"x10”x3" for convenience. Don’t knock its small build, the speaker is capable of far-reaching sound for as long as its rechargeable battery will last. Also, iThing-slaves, the SoundTouch family is entirely Airplay-compatible, so go crazy.

Give your home’s aural landscape a Bose with SoundTouch

Accompanying the SoundTouch family is Bose's free SoundTouch app, available on Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows platforms. It demonstrates a better memory than most of us, allowing users to preset up to 6 channels and remembering up to the last 50 searches for you to add to the preset list. Stream your music from your own audio file hoard or delve into endless music journeys with internet music stations and services like Spotify or Deezer.

Need some sound now? You’ll have to practise some patience, though they are available for pre-order from the Atlas e-Store.

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