Sony SRS-BTM8 review

5 stars
Beach, park, hotel – Sony's budget Bluetooth speaker wants you to swing it wherever you wander

Forget that this Sony looks uncomfortably like a handbag because it's actually one of the biggest bargains in hi-fi right now. 

Battery-powered Bluetooth noisenik

This sonic handbag has NFC so you can pair your phone or tablet with a touch, standard pairing controls for non-NFC devices and buttons for power, play/pause, volume and phone calls. There's also a 3.5mm input for kicking it old-school and, with four AAs onboard, you can swing this baby around town for 'up to 20 hours'. 

Pairing is really easy, thanks to that NFC, and you can take hands-free calls (with added swearing from your mates) on it. Once you're up and running, the BTM8's 2x2W output pushes out a decent amount of weighty bass, with good control and a high level of detail. 

Occasionally there's a touch of thinness to the treble, but of the most part it handles a variety of music rather well. It's happy with high volumes too, maintaining composure even as you crank it up a few notches. If the styling appeals – it's also available in white – go for it. 

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Your eyes and ears will love this Sony almost as much as your wallet will 

Sony SRS-BTM8  review
5 stars
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