Best quotable moments from The Walking Dead in Singapore

Brothers in arms

If either one of them gets infected

Reedus: I’d kill him so fast. I'd feel really bad about it, but I'd kill him so fast.

Reedus' unrequited brotherly love

Reedus: We did a really intense scene where it was just the two of us, I whispered, “I love you.” And he whispered back, “F*** you.”

Lincoln: It’s actually on film at the end of Season 3, when we were carrying away Andrea’s body.

Shooting, shagging or marrying a walker, each other, and a last option that was never heard

Reedus: Definitely marry (Lincoln). I mean, with marrying, comes shagging, right?

Lincoln: What’s the question?

Reedus: Do I marry, shag, or kill you. And I said marry because I can continually shag you, right?

Lincoln: If he does that, can I shoot myself?

Reedus: Then you will come back as a walker, and I will shag you again!

Fan frenzy

The worst fan gifts

Reedus: One girl gave me a bag of squirrel meat once. I've gotten a whip, I get sex toys which I’ve not used any of. One lady sent me a rubber vagina which I gave to Michael Rooker (Merle), and he seemed to be very happy with it.

The reason behind their different reactions to fame 

Reedus: (Deadpans) We react differently because we’re different people.  

The unexpectedly practical presents they've received

Reedus: Somebody sent me their breast implant which I use as my phone cradle in my trailer. 

In a parallel The Walking Dead universe

Picking another role in the show

Lincoln: I think I would choose my son, because it means I would get 30 years back.

The one thing Lincoln wants to change in Rick Grimes' journey

Lincoln: Basically every decision I made was a bad one. I think I would like to not wake up in the first episode.

The zombie body part they would enjoy eating most

Reedus: I eat squirrels on the show so I’d eat pretty much anything, so cheeks? Butts?

Lincoln: I’m a breast man.

Celebrities they'd eat upon turning into walkers

Reedus: Kat Dennings looks delicious. Jessica Alba’s pretty delicious-looking as well. Damn, who’d I eat...maybe all of the Kardashians? I’d eat probably most of Hollywood.

Choosing an alternative time and place for The Walking Dead

Lincoln: Victorian England would be pretty cool. You get Jack the Ripper and nice costumes. 

Their most unexpected tributes

Reedus: I saw a Walking Dead porno the other day. (To Lincoln) I can show you when we get back to filming.

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Occupational Hazards

On the old 9-to-5

Lincoln: I officially became a US driving licence holder this year. I’d just finished a scene with David Morrissey (the Governor) and got so much blood all over me. Went to do my driving test, thought I got rid of it but when they took the picture of me, which is in my wallet, I’ve still got blood all around my neck. And this woman’s like, “Hard day at the office, huh?”

Their worst injury to date

Reedus: I had to get stitches across my forehead. When they rushed me to the hospital, I already had blood and dirt all over me from being in a scene. When I came into the hospital, people were like “Oh my god!” I got the day off after that and when I left (the) set, I was driving down the other side of this little hill and there was an 18-wheeler truck on the side of the road in the ditch, and there was this old woman on the road going, “Stop, stop, I think he had a heart attack. He’s pinned behind the wheel!” I’m kind of on meds a little bit so I jumped out of the car I was in, climbed out of the truck, pulled this big, sweaty truck driver out of this 18-wheeler and put him on the road. When the ambulance finally came, and as they come running, they were like, “Didn’t we just take you to the hospital?”

Lincoln: Mine’s nowhere as great as his story. I put my back out and my wife came back home as I was crawling to the loo, and she goes, “What’s going on?” and I was like, “Baby, I’m fine. And by the way, my action figure’s coming out next week.” Rick Grimes, with extra crawling capabilities. 

On natural selection (for the role)

Lincoln: I’m convinced the only reason I got the job was because my son had just been born, and I hadn’t slept for four days and I looked like I’d survived a zombie apocalypse.

Demands made to the writers

Reedus: They're like, "You got a crossbow, a motorcycle, you’ve so many things". But they ended up giving it (a scene) to me. I’ve been asking for a dog forever though.  

Setting the stage

Collecting keepsakes 

Reedus: I have every crossbow I ever used from four seasons. So back in my apartment in New York, I have all the crossbows and I have the vest with the wings and I have a couple of ponchos. I have quite a bit of stuff. I steal everything.

Lincoln: I only realised last season that Norman had been stealing his costume all the time, so I started doing it as well.

Pranks on set

Lincoln: There’s one emotional scene where everyone’s saying goodbye to one another. Steven Yeun (Glenn) was kissing Maggie and I just kissed my wife. And we got in a car, and then he just leaned in for a proper kiss. Steven is the one who’s constantly trying to do pranks for his showreel.

Reedus: He loves to be on the blooper reel.

Lincoln: He’s shameless.

The end is nigh

Their weapon of choice for an impending zombie apocalypse

Lincoln: Durian.

Reedus: You look at it and you think "fruit". But it tastes nothing like fruit.

Taking a one-way trip on Mars One

Lincoln: No way. Have you seen Gravity? I’m not getting in a spacecraft anywhere in the near future.

Reedus: I would totally do it, and I would Instagram the entire thing.

The show’s high mortality rate

Lincoln: Losing Scott Wilson (Hershel) caused me to go into a slump for a couple of weeks. It’s never not a painful experience. Scott Wilson’s a legend, it’s so sad.

Reedus: He was just staying with me in New York like a week ago. He’s still a good friend of ours. He’s his golfing buddy.

Lincoln: Yeah, the main reason I’m upset is because I’m going to lose so much money. I used to beat him so hard and take so much money off Scott Wilson.

Reedus: And the Governor.

Lincoln: I’ve lost my golfing buddies. 

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