Beauty and the Beats: The best and worst of headphone design by Dr Dre

These could mean heaven or hell for Apple, if they're buying Beats for design tips

What’s Apple buying Beats for?

We have a few theories of our own, but if it’s design that Apple is after, we look at the best and worst of Beats’ headphones to see how our earpods could potentially take shape.

Image: Slate 

Futura x Beats

Beats collaborated with graffiti artist Leonard McGurr - better known as Futura - to create a new look for the Beats Solo HD. Fresh and vibrant, this pair of cans might be loud, but not obnoxiously so. 

Undefeated x Beats

Partnering with street brand Undefeated resulted in a military-esque look for the Beats Studio headphones.

Beauty and the Beats: The best and worst of headphone design

Drenched in the company’s signature olive green with a matte finish, the headband features the word ‘Undefeated’, not just for branding purposes but as your warrior cry on life.

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Alexander Wang x Beats

Fashion minimalist Alexander Wang gives the Beats Studio headphones an understated makeover. They’re finished in matte black and perked up with gold accents for a touch of shine, because going over the top just isn’t cool anymore.  

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fragment design x Beats

Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara might be better known for bringing hip hop to Japan, but his label, fragment design, has done quite the cool number on the Beats Studio headphones. You may now dismiss any preconceived notions about hip hop artistes. 

Seen the best? Now brace yourself for the worst...

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