Budget battle: the best smartphones you can buy for under S$250 in Singapore

Who says you can’t get more for less?

Mention budget and you'd get a skeptical response. How can anything that costs so little be any good? That was then, but this is now and everything has changed.

Easily the hottest things in the smartphone world right now, these affordable specced-out mobiles are giving the flagships a serious run for their money with their not-so-budget features. Want to see how they compare? Read on and be enlightened.

Nokia Lumia 635

If you’ve always enjoyed the tiled Windows Phone experience, you can now get it on the cheap(er) without compromising on the hardware. The Lumia 635 is capable of handling 4G like any other flagship model and packs a 1.2GHz quad-core processor that puts it in the same multitasking mode as the higher-ended phones, although you can expect a little lag, but not so much that it drags you back into the stone age of smartphones.

The camera is all of 5MP which should do more than fine for your selfies. Wrapped in a 4.5-in FWVGA display, the affordable polycarbonate-d Lumia resembles its more sophisticated family members, and also offers up the flexibility of style changes in the form of vibrantly coloured shells for those who get bored easily. Don't worry about its 8GB storage offering if you're a movie hoarder, memory is expandable up to 128GB via microSD card.

Least budget-like feature: That enormous expandable memory that's similar to what the flagships offer. If you should utilise all of its potential, you could turn it into a mobile mediahouse. Very useful for those who have to endure long commutes. 

Sets you back: S$239

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