DJ Special: Angie Vu Ha's top tech for aspiring spinners

We pulled Asia's 'sexiest DJ'. Pulled her off her decks, silly - to pin her down and talk tech...

From Hanoi to New York, Vietnamese model, DJ, and music producer Angie Vu Ha is a busy bee. But that didn't stop her from sharing her DJ'ing secrets with Team Stuff. 

Angie, what music do you mix?

I listen to everything and have love for all of the sounds that I play, but more so for house music. I mix with CDs and MP3s but really love old-school vinyl the most.

What do you play on?

Pioneer CDJ2000’s Nexus. It's so effective - it allows tight, seamless and efficient mixing. I trust Pioneer the most because it's the industry standard for equipment. 

Technics 1210

I also love my Technics 1210 turntables; the feeling vinyl gives me when scratching is wonderful. 

(Images via DJ Worx and DNA-ET)

Traktor or Serato?

I’ve used both. Serato Scratch Live is easy to use, reliable, durable and capable. Traktor is cheap, has lots of features like good FX, and great controls of those FX. After spending years experimenting with software and laptops in the DJ booth, I have finally found what I'm looking for. Traktor combines the most essential studio effects with the all-important flexibility to adapt to an artist's needs. When playing with Traktor you still retain the hands-on DJ feel, and most importantly it sounds incredible. (Image via DJ Works)

Are you a sync button basher?

I'm flexible. The button is there to use. Sometimes if I'm mixing fast or mixing more than two tracks, the sync button comes in handy. But trust me, beat matching is the most simple task of being a DJ. I think anyone can learn to do it. 

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Do you use tablets or phones to mix? 

I haven’t used them for a live performance yet, but I do play around at home on my iPad with the Tracktor DJ app. It's the best app there is, and I use the Touch Osc app too. 

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Any other cool tech?

The Pioneer RMX1000. It's a lightweight, portable effects unit perfect for travel without compromising on usability.

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What are your go-to cans? 

Sennheiser HD25s and Monster Beats Pro. Sennheiser HD25s are my favourite because they sound amazingly clear, with deep bass and crisp highs. They’re an absolute dream to mix with, and you can listen to just about anything with them. 

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How about production software?

There’s so many great DAWs available. Cubase, Ableton, and Fruity Loops are my preferred programmes. I want to dig deep in to production, take it to the next level by producing hit tracks. 

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What's your favourite gig so far?

The countdown on New Year's Eve 2013 in front of more than 150,000 people in my home city of Hanoi, Vietnam, with millions more watching it live on television. I've only played in Vietnam a couple of times so that was very special for me - I was honoured and felt so much love and energy from the crowd.

Angie Vu Ha's gig at Hanoi, Vietnam

I always thought that I would only ever see those big crowds if I played gigs like Tomorrow Land or Electric Daisy Carnival… I didn’t expect that in Vietnam, it was a really nice surprise. 

Any advice for wannabe DJs?

Test the waters first; get a feel for what you like and then take the next step of getting equipment - whether it’s a controller, CDJs, or even turntables. There’s some great and really affordable start-up packages out there now for new DJ’s, including Pioneer's CDJ & DJM350 package. The Traktor Control S2 MK2 is also a great option. It's all you need to start mixing.

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