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04 June 2016 / 14:36SGT

App of the week: Retrica review

The first-rate expressive (and entirely free) camera app returns with video and editing smarts
22 April 2016 / 23:27SGT

App of the week: Warbits review

Give war (simulation) a chance in this superb Advance Wars-style turn-based iOS strategy game
27 February 2016 / 16:00SGT

App of the week: Korg Gadget review

The amazing iPad mobile music studio grooves its way on to iPhone and iPad Pro, and it’s better than ever
13 February 2016 / 16:00SGT

App of the week: Airmail review

Power up email on your iPhone with an app that lets you filter, share, save and snooze
06 February 2016 / 16:23SGT

App of the week: Twofold Inc review

Fancy having your brains bashed out by a complex, colourful puzzler helmed by a goofy robot? Then you’re in luck!