These are the guts of the very first Apple Mac - can you spot the 128KB of RAM?

iFixit treats us to a very special gadget teardown to celebrate 30 years of the Mac

We love a good gadget teardown, we do. There's something rather primal about stripping a slab of tech to its bare insides, unmasking its electrical organs and blood vessel-like array of cables and connections for all the world to see.

Take the picture above for example. If you've got a few flecks of grey in your hair then you'll probably recognise that as the Macintosh 128k - albeit one that's been very carefully blown up.

It was Apple's first ever Mac, and it sparked off a chain of events and innovations which eventually formed the sleek iMac and cylindrical Mac Pro we have today.

Originally on sale in 1984 for US$2,500 (or around US$5,605 today), the Mac 128k boasted an 8MHz Motorola processor and 128KB of RAM, the latter of which was made up of 16 individual 64kb chips. Phew.

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While our electric toothbrush boasts more powerful specs, thirty years ago the Macintosh 128K blew our minds by providing us with the desktop, mouse, windows and menus - and for that we'll forever be grateful.

Check out the full teardown on iFixit and gorge yourself on the 80s-inspired video above to see exactly how they sliced the very first Mac open with such graceful precision.

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