Microsoft unveils its Surface Pro 3, and other news you might have missed

Take a break, and review the stories that made the headlines this week

Too caught up in the LG hype, thinking how you can get your hands on the newly launched LG G3 or busy measuring it against the latest gadget you just bought yourself to care for anything else?

Don't worry, we won't let you forget some of the other news that made the headlines this week. Behold, our quick weekly news round-up.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro just got bigger

Bigger is always better, or so they say. And Microsoft agrees too because it recently launched its Surface Pro 3 in XL size, as compared to its predecessors. We get Microsoft’s direction though – it wants the Surface Pro 3 to replace the notion of users having to work on a laptop. Has it hit the mark? You decide.

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Twitter may dip its feet into the music space, again

Maybe Twitter believes that second time’s a charm, or perhaps it’s just learning from its mistakes, as the social media company is rumoured to be entering the music space again. Sources claim it’s still in the early stages of acquisition or partnership talks with SoundCloud or SoundHound.

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Apple’s iPhones might get tough

We’re guilty of accidental damages to our phones, and while some brands might take the pressure better than the rest, it’s safe to say that it’s not something we like to see happening to our phones. And to prevent that, Apple might be waterproofing and ruggedising its future iPhones, if you believe in gossip.

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Samsung’s next wearable might perform solo

What’s Samsung secretly up to now? We spy, with our little eye, a wrist-based wearable device that works independently of smartphone linking. It apparently will run on the Tizen OS, have its own SIM card and cellular radio, which means you can make calls, send text, and use wireless data off it. We hope Samsung calls it a watchphone.

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We bid adieu to Springpad

How can two platforms produce similar applications but yield such different results? We’ve seen Evernote grow to have millions of users across the globe. But unfortunately, Springpad didn’t face the same fate – it has shut down, leaving its 400,000 users scrambling to back up their data.

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