The Mac at 30: Apple's 10 most memorable Macs

9. MacBook Pro with Retina display (2012)

High-resolution displays have a habit of making screens you once thought were fine look like garbage. This had happened on mobile, and in 2012 Apple brought such displays to its notebooks. Sooner or later, all Mac screens will be similarly impressive, further immersing users in their content.

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10. Mac Pro (2013)

The new Mac Pro is unlike any other workstation. Some have dismissed it as Darth Vader’s dustbin, but not those who’ve seen one up close — they’re too mesmerised by the form and otherworldly mirror-like finish. But this new Mac isn’t about aesthetics; instead it strives to rethink the desktop for the modern age: it’s tiny, but hugely powerful, runs cool, and relies on external — not internal — expansion. Surprisingly, it’s also good value — the entry price of S$4288 might seem wallet-busting, but more powerful Mac Pro configurations compare very favourably to DIY Windows-based solutions.

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