The iWatch wants to impress you with voice messaging capabilities

A source claims voice messaging may be a key feature of the device

How would you like to walk around doing some voice messaging on your iWatch, Power Rangers style? Of course, this is just a sneak peek into the possible future, sparked off by a recent report.

If there have been any rumours surrounding Apple’s upcoming wearable device, they’ve thus far only been about its looks and health sensors. But now, a new report by UBS analyst, Steve Milunovich, has indicated that one of the key features of the iWatch could include voice messaging capabilities.

There could be some truth to it, considering the tech giant has been putting a keen focus on voice messaging this year, especially when in June, it introduced the ability to send voice messages over the iPhone once iOS 8 is deployed onto it.

What’s more, Milunovich claims to have had a chat with Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who highlighted to have observed people in China walking down streets and dictating voice messages to their mobiles rather than texting. 

Just lift your hand and speak

He expects this feature to be translated to the iWatch, because let’s face it; voice messaging on a mobile isn’t exactly the coolest feature – you risk looking like you’re on a walkie-talkie. But it makes perfect sense to have it on the iWatch as it’s easier to speak into it rather than fiddling around to send a text.

And Apple won’t have to start from scratch - it’s already halfway there in having a decent voice recognition software with Siri, but Milunovich says on the report that it needs to be refined.

It’s not something that can be whipped up overnight but for Apple to stay ahead of the game, it needs a differentiator, and this could be it.

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[Source: Business Insider]

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