24-carat gold and platinum iPhone 6, OnePlus smartwatch and all the other news you’ve missed

Ring in mid-week with our quick-hit news round-up from the past seven days

There are too many hot gadgets (or soon to be launched hot gadgets) out there that we’re begging to just take our money. And over the past week, many of such eye-grabbing and jaw-dropping devices have been flooding our site. So we’ve rounded up the top five that made headlines.

There’s definitely going to be a luxury iPhone 6 line-up

The iPhone 6 is yet to be official, but souped up versions of it are. US-based designer and luxury accessories vendor, Brikk, has put up and opened for pre-order the unannounced flagship in 24-carat gold, pink gold, and platinum on its website. Called the Lux iPhone 6, the range also gives us a glimpse at what the phone will actually look like.   

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Rumour has it that OnePlus is creating its own smartwatch

The OnePlus One smartphone is touted to be one of the most spectacular mobile devices out in the market. Now, its maker could be making a smartwatch. It’s said to land with a circular sapphire glass display, looking similar to the Moto 360. Considering it’s a budget electronics vendor, we’re wondering if the smartwatch will be an affordable option.

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Samsung may be working on rounded smartwatches too

Since Motorola revealed that the Moto 360 will feature a rounded smartwatch face, many vendors have been pursuing the same design. Uncovered patent filings show Samsung’s working on multiple designs for a rounder looking smartwatch face. The same patent filings suggest that it could be powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system.

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The HTC One (M8) Windows Phone is real

Uh-oh, Verizon’s leaked on its own website an image of the Windows Phone HTC One (M8), which leads us to believe the device is very likely in the works. It’s still unknown if the smartphone will carry over all the hardware features of its Android counterpart but word’s out on the street that it would launch by end September. Plus, an announcement date on 19 August has been rumoured so we’ll most likely know then.  

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Skullcandy’s Method in-ear cans stay in

Skullcandy’s got a new set of in-ear headphones that promise to stay in your ears regardless of the physical activity you’re embarking on. How you ask? By using a Sticky Gel technology that doesn’t let the earphones travel beyond your ear. Oh, it also has a Pureclean anit-germ technology that lets you go without having to clean it.

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