iPad 5 compared to iPad 4 on video – same screen, smaller body

It looks like the latest iPad has had a few nips and tucks from the surgeons at Cupertino

A new video showing off an allegedly genuine front panel and case for the iPad 5 shows how much smaller it is compared to the current-gen iPad 4.

While the screen size remains the same at 9.7in, the iPad 5 appears to have lost a lot of side-bezel, reducing its overall width by 1.5cm.

The iPad 5 design also looks to have taken plenty of design cues from the iPad Mini – as seen in previous leaks.

The iPad's overall shape is more rounded like the Mini, the two volume buttons are now separated and there are upgraded dual speakers on the bottom.

Side by side

Check out Unbox Therapy's video above for a visual comparison between the iPad 5 and iPad 4 – but you'll have to wait a bit to see the real deal. The official iPad launch event will, according to Bloomberg, be separate from the upcoming iPhone event on 10 September.

Stay tuned for more news as and when we get it.

[Source: Unbox Therapy, Bloomberg]

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