iCheapskate: 38 amazing free games for iPad and iPhone

25. Word Forward (iPhone/iPad)

With many word games aiming for minimal rules from a random selection of letters, Word Forward instead tries the opposite. Each level provides a specific selection of letters and challenges you to remove the lot by dragging out words,SpellTower-style. Power-ups can help you along, but it’s careful planning that pays dividends here, even if you’re often tempted to lob a bomb on to the board, to remove an awkward ‘Qu’.

Download Word Forward here

24. Outwitters (iPhone/iPad)

We’re big fans of David Attenborough, but his nature shows don’t quite capture the kind of underwater carnage shown in Outwitters. In this two-player asynchronous strategy title, you and a chum take it in turns to obliterate enemy sea-life, which is suspiciously armed to the gills. Adding to the tension, a fog of war means you can’t see everywhere at once, so tread (swim?) carefully, or you’ll get battered.

Download Outwitters here

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23. Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol (iPhone/iPad)

What-ho! The master of turn-based strategy takes to the air, in this rather jolly version of World War I ace pilots and their victories over the bally enemy. Essentially chess in the clouds, you strategise your way to the best locations for yelling “Chocks away!” and blasting foes into oblivion. IAPs open up more missions, but there’s plenty here for nowt.

Download Sid Meier's Ace Patrol here

22. Punch Quest (iPhone/iPad)

Most endless runners are more concerned with your character leaping about like a deranged bunny. Not here, where the heroes punch their way to victory. Jab! Uppercut! Slam! Pummel! Eight fingers and two thumbs are apparently all you need to defeat evil — at least until you discover power-ups and find a tame laser-spewing dinosaur to ride!

Download Punch Quest here

21. Groove Coaster Zero (iPhone/iPad)

The rhythm-action game distilled to its purest form, Groove Coaster Zeromerely demands a single digit and a sense of timing. As the music plays, you prod, press or swipe at precise moments to build your chain. Throughout, your eyes are wrenched from your skull as the track whirls, dives, and gleefully fires dazzling vector shapes every which way.

Download Groove Coaster Zero here

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