Want a green Apple? Be part of their recycling program

The Cupertino-based company shows how you can be a model planeteer and recycle your used Apple products for free

Apple is going green, and by green, we mean aiming to heal the world and make it a better place for you, and for me, and the entire human race.

Sorry, got a bit carried away with the Michael Jackson reference. Anyway, we say it's about time Apple's decided to take the environmental route. Many of the larger tech players in the market have long introduced clean and green initiatives in their bit to help save the environment.

In an attempt at cultivating a greener Apple, the iPhone and iPad maker has debuted an environmental section on its company website to detail its efforts. Watch the video that delves into how the Cupertino-based company is improving its environmental responsibility. It'll give you all sorts of feels when you're done.

“We want to leave the world better than we found it”. A punchy slogan, well complemented by random footage of the rain hitting solar panels and lush greenery rustling in the wind invoke the message of how Apple is reducing the amount of electronic junk in landfills and augmenting its dependence on alternate power sources.

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Checking out the Green Apple site

As part of its green initiative, it also offers free recycling of all its used products, and has vowed to power its offices, stores, and data centres with renewable energy to offset pollution resulting from its devices and online services.

Doesn't sound terribly exciting for you, but if you've read until here, we've got some good news. Apple has been issuing gift cards at some of its 420 stores worldwide to barter for any “i” products good to be resold. But do take note that no gift cards will be presented for recycled products with little or no resale value.

So instead of dumping your old Apple iPhone 4 into the trash when the iPhone 6 is finally here, take them down to your nearest Apple store or go online and do your bit to preserve our planet.

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