Gold Apple iPhone 5S spotted, while every colour of the iPhone 5C is caught on camera

Is there anything we won't know about the new iPhones on the 10 September launch day?

Remember those rumours of a gold iPhone 5S? Well like it or not, they're looking increasingly likely.

Images of a reportedly genuine gold iPhone 5S case have appeared on Japanese site ASCII Plus, showing off the blinged-up iPhone next to its more traditional black and white iterations.

We have to admit, it actually doesn't look too bad thanks to its subtle champagne-gold colouring, and our fears of a dreadful blinged-out iPhone 5S have been put to rest – for now at least.

Check out all we think we know about the iPhone 5S.

All the iPhone 5C colours

If gold isn't your cup of tea – or if you're looking for something a little cheaper – then there's always the plastic iPhone 5C. The budget iPhone has now been shown off in a video that reveals each and every colourful casing that it'll arrive in – namely yellow, green, blue, red and white – courtesy of tech site BestTechInfo.

It all seems genuine enough, but there's no black model (which we've seen shots of in the past) and it's nothing that couldn't be whipped up by a devious rumour monger over a weekend or two.

Still, Apple's iPhone launch event is reportedly coming on 10 September, so all will be revealed in just a few weeks.

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