What if the Apple Watch looked like this instead?

Esben Oxholm

While this rendition might look more bracelet than watch, its design means that it’ll fit any wrist, as spacers can be added to the lower part of the watch. With the iconic home button being the only physical control on the watch, the rest of the interaction is centred on the slightly curved touch screen. 

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Nikolai Lamm

This version celebrates Steve Jobs’ obsession with all things spiral, and also handily utilises a new iTunes UI feature called - you guessed it - Spirals. If it can happen for iTunes and staircases in Apple stores, you can bet it makes complete sense for the conventionally circular watch face.

Yrving Torrealba

Clearly - pun intended - the least visible of designs yet, the transparent strap of this iWatch begs the question of whether using a see-through material on the strap compromises its flexibility. Little else is revealed about the iWatch’s functionality, but that invisible strap is an interesting idea. Please just don’t let it be plastic.

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