Will the upcoming Apple iWatch take the form of any of these concepts?

Ciccarese Design

The Italian team behind this design is a mixed bag of IT engineers and designers, who combined fashion and functionality into a beautiful swooping design that’s unlike what we’ve seen so far. Pretty as it might look, it also seems like it would make an awkward fit unless that strap is made out of self-resizing unicorn hide. 

Antonio Derosa

The successor to the original iWatch concept comes rebooted with 32GB internal storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to your other iThings, and a front-facing camera. What’s not so predictable is the integrated LCD projector to show off your snaps to more people, whether they like it or not.  

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This version might make for the best fit thanks to its elasticated fabric strap. It’s also the most technically thought out with its proposed A7 chipset, M7 co-processor, Bluetooth capability, and integration with the usual fitness apps. To encourage the complete Apple cop-out, it also integrates with other iThings, even your Mac. 

Tolga Tuncer

While this might look like one of those snap-on bracelets from your youth, you'll most likely break your wrist if you try that with this. Tolga Tuncer’s version comes without a touchscreen, and interaction is allowed via a slim touchpad with MP3 controls so the display stays smudge-free from your grubby fingers.

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