Apple iWatch imagined in gorgeous concept art

Martin Hajek speculates what the smartwatch might look like if it were inspired by the iPhone 5S and 5C

Nobody knows what the Apple iWatch will look like – or even if such a thing actually exists – but concept artist Martin Hajek has come up with some of the best speculative images we’ve seen so far.

Apple iWatch imagined in gorgeous concept art -  2Apple iWatch imagined in gorgeous concept art -  3

Hajek, who in the past produced eerily accurate pictures of the iPhone 5C pre-launch, has imagined not one but two versions of the iWatch – one inspired by the 5C and one by the iPhone 5S.

As you might imagine, Hajek’s “iWatch C” is colourful and made of plastic, which the “iWatch S”, with its leather strap and use of metal, is a little more refined. It’s all speculation, of course – but don’t be too shocked if the actual iWatch (or iWatches) ends up not a million miles away from these pics.

[Via Martin Hajek]

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