Apple buys Beats and other news you might have missed

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Some of you might have slacked off with the daily news reading leading up to the long weekend (well, sort of long weekend). Tsk tsk, so here’s the top few big announcements you’ve missed over the past week.

The possible marriage between Apple and Beats

Apple might be buying Beats for a rumoured US$3.2 billion, joining the likes of Microsoft and Google on an acquisition spree. We suspect it’s either going to be a marriage made in heaven, or a partnership from hell. But either way, for that amount of money, it looks like Dr. Dre will retire in style.

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Microsoft inches out of its comfort zone

Microsoft might be treading new waters (if you believe the latest rumors) with a smartwatch in the making. Seems like most of the tech vendors are rooting themselves in the wrist tech spac). It’s filed a patent for a “wearable personal information system” focusing on health and fitness.   

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Is there a Samsung Galaxy Tab S coming?

What’s better than rumours of a new device? Leaked pictures of it; and that’s exactly what we saw: a larger Samsung Galaxy Tab S. SamMobile got the images, which show a 10.5in version of the tablet, alongside a slated 8.4in version. Looks like Samsung’s embracing them large screens again.

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What’s tech got to do with make-up?

Ladies, if you've been spending all your dosh on high-end make-up brands (or guys, if you’ve been purchasing make-up for your girls), look no further. Mink, started by young entrepreneur Grace Choi, is a 3D printer that replicates any shade of make-up (lipstick, blusher, foundation, powder, or cream) imaginable. Shut up and take our money!

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LG G3 leaks again

Courtesy of GSM Arena’s inside source, you now have the chance to check out leaked images of the LG G3 – this time, in a gold colour. The source also shared some inside information about its camera. You can apparently take selfies with voice commands or by clapping your hands or twisting your finger. We wonder how that’s going to work out.

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