Apple adds 100-person collaboration to iWork, takes aim at Google Docs and Office Online

Trying to position itself as software for both work and play, but can Apple really challenge Office's dominance?

So if you're on a Mac and not already using Microsoft Office for Mac, then you might be one of those (less numerous) iWork users. You're in luck then if you're using iWork for the Cloud, then Apple has just updated its suite to support 100 people.

Now why would you need 100 people or contributors on a single document? Sounds rather crazy as 100 people working on either Keynote, Numbers or Pages at the same time on a single file sounds like a nightmare. But perhaps Apple knows something we don't or even received a request for such a crazy update.


Is iWork finally the 'it' office suite now?

Besides increasing the number of contributors, iWork now supports up to 1GB of space per file, up from 200MB with a 5MB cap on images. The image cap has also been raised to 10MB, which is plenty handy especially for reports that need more high-res images.

iWork in the cloud also now supports 2D and interactive charts and you can also export Numbers projects as CSV files to import into Excel (now why would you do that?). You can also now convert Pages documents into ePub files, a handy format especially popular for ebooks. At the moment though, all the cloud versions of iWork are considered betas.

Seeing as WWDC is happening next month then perhaps there will be more updates coming to Apple's cloud version of the popular, polished productivity suites that is slowly gaining fans as much as Macbook Airs seem to be the laptop of choice these days.

The real competition here is Google Docs, as more businesses begin to adopt the Google framework via Google Apps. Still, iWork does bring better aesthetics and presentation as opposed to Google Docs more rudimentary apps. If iWork on the cloud can offer as much functionality as desktop versions, it might soon win over even the more stalwart of the PC productivity crowd.

In the meantime, perhaps you could read up on Microsoft Office on iPad?

[Source: Engadget]

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