The 25 best iPhone and iPad games you can play right now

6. Year Walk

Rich in Swedish folklore, Year Walk has you venture into the cold, dark woods, where strange creatures lurk and terrible events blur reality and fiction, past and present.

With an interface that resembles a creepy, twisted picture book, you must discern clues, unravelling the dark secrets of the forest. Literal horror awaits, along with one of the finest conclusions of any modern adventure title. The journey there will keep you transfixed, not least during those moments it’s scaring the pants off of you.

S$4.98, Universal

Download Year Walk here

7. Boson X

In what we’re sure is an entirely scientifically accurate and faithful recreation of what boffins get up to at the Large Hadron Collider, Boson X has academic types sprinting along dizzying rotating tracks, leaping gaps, scooping up energy, and using a collision to discover particles.

It’s like Super Hexagon, Tempest and Canabalt rolled into one, welded to a difficulty level set by a sadist. That’s even more the case with the latest set of six ‘dark energy’ experiments, which have truly evil accelerators to negotiate.

S$3.98, Universal

Download Boson X here

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8. Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2’s ancestor is the same Apple II Artillery game Angry Birds has at its core, but Noodlecake’s title is a lot more fun than catapulting birds around.

It’s a larger-than-life side-on mini-golf extravaganza, with you thwacking balls about giant castles, moon bases, and metal-clad courses with a suspiciously high deadly saw-blade count. The single-player game’s fun, but SSMG 2 really comes into its own in multiplayer, whether you’re taking the more sedate turn-by-turn route or ball-smacking at speed in the frenetic race mode.

S$Free, Universal

Download Super Stickman Golf 2

9. The Room

There are echoes of classic PC puzzlers in this tactile and mysterious title. Initially, it’s just you and a box, but every time you find a lock or a switch, it’s just another layer that takes you deeper into a weird and mystifying enigma. A friend’s experiments have apparently led you here, but what is the significance of The Room and what terror lies at its core?

Best played in the dark, preferably with a storm brewing outside, The Room is an atmospheric treat; take it in greedily (although turn off the hints system for the full experience) and then similarly devour its sequel, The Room Two.

S$Free + S$1.28 IAP, iPhone | S$1.28, iPad

Download The Room for iPhone and iPad

10. Doug Dug

Doug is a dwarf who likes to dig and find buried treasure. He rather less enjoys dying in an avalanche of falling rock or being eaten alive by a giant subterranean spider. It’s therefore your task to help him collect the shiny without becoming a bloody splat or terrifying arachnid’s lunch.

Greed is frequently the dwarf’s comeuppance, as you dig just a bit too far, stretching for a gem, and then watch as mud above inevitably gives way and dumps a ton of rock on your head. But like the best of digging games (Boulder Dash, Mr Driller, Spelunky — alongside which Doug Dug stands proud), the only response to failure is to immediately have another go.

S$2.58, Universal

Download Doug Dug here

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