Android Wear levels up, gains new ability to control your smartphone's camera

Google’s adding on to the list of powers available on Android Wear with an update

Thus far, Android Wear smartwatches let you check your messages, feed you notifications or even reciprocated your demands while you bark orders into it. Now, it can do one more – manipulate your Android smartphone's camera.

Google revealed that it’s updated its Camera app to include support for Android Wear, putting it on the same platform of other smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear 2 and Pebble that already have remote-capture features on them.  

That means you’ll be able to use any of the Android Wear smartwatches, such as the Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch, to remotely trigger the camera on your tablet or smartphone. We think it’s going to be very handy for wefie or groufie lovers. 

So much power on one small device

Its start-up is pretty simple too; opening the Google Camera app on your device will automatically launch the app on the smartwatch. You will see a card for remote capture appear on the Android Wear smartwatch, which you can use to snap a picture by tapping on the enlarged shutter icon.

You don’t have to fumble with your smartwatch while trying to smile or pose for the shot at the same time. It comes with a countdown, so you have plenty of time to transition between setting up the shot and getting your best selfie face ready. After the phone takes the picture, you’ll be able to preview image on your wrist.

Can’t wait to get snapping? You can now download the update for Google Camera from Google Play.

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[Source and image: Mashable]

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