Xiaomi officially outs the Mi4, plus the big news you’ve missed

Quickly recap of what made the top stories over the past week

It’s now all about smartphones, or technologies that’s related to it. If you’ve had trouble keeping up with all the latest tech toys that’s been getting launched over the past few days, don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and summarised it into our weekly news wrap-up.

Xiaomi unveils the Mi4

After weeks of speculation, Xiaomi’s finally lifted the wraps off its Mi4 smartphone. The successor to the Mi3, the new unit’s apparently Xiaomi’s fastest Android phone yet (or so it says) and runs on the new MIUI v6. Get your fingers ready, it’s expected to sell online on 16 August.

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LG’s said to be on smartphone creation overdrive

LG must have gotten a newfound confidence with the launch of its LG G3 and LG G3 Beat, because it’s rumoured to be making another three new smartphones at the same time. These devices are also expected to be launched soon, if you believe the import tracking leak from India.

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Is there a premium edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could possibly be pimped up as compared to its vanilla predecessor and it could be one that might excite many. Rumour has it that the super-duper prime version will come with a flexible screen and sturdy metal body. We’ll just have to wait and see if Samsung unveils it.  

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Pimp up your Android Wear smartwatches

The idea of having an Android Wear smartwatch that’s unique to us seems very appealing, and that’s what Google is aiming to provide in the coming months. Google’s spoken out that the Android Wear team’s working on an application programming interface (API) for developers to build custom make watch faces – but that’s all it’s saying for now.  

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Apple rolls out iTunes Pass

iTunes Pass is now officially available to most of the world, indicating how serious Apple’s getting about the mobile payments space. What this'll enable you to do is add credit to your App Store, iTunes Store or iBookstore within Apple stores. Sadly, we’re still waiting for a South-East Asian launch.

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