Samsung has started testing its purported three-sided display smartphone

Is this what its senior vice-president has been talking about?

Samsung may be trying to outdo itself in its smartphone creations, because this rumour makes the purported mobile phone sound like something pulled out from a magician’s hat. Apparently, the company's working on a three-sided display phone, and it’s already in the testing stage.

A Korean supplier of Samsung parts has let slip that the South Korean multi-national electronics giant’s been in trials of this new screen to potentially fit it on its upcoming mobile devices.

The technology of having a three-sided wraparound display is possible thanks to the introduction of bendy screens but this rumour indicates that it’s finally gaining some momentum in being deployed on consumer technologies.


Looking back, this could be what Samsung mobile senior vice-president, Kim Hyun-Joon, was talking about during an earnings call with investors. He said Samsung’s working on two new high-end units but didn’t quite reveal too much on what they will be or look like.

All he mentioned about these mysterious units was that one will showcase a large screen, while the other will be created by means of "new materials". So could this flexi-screen be the “new materials” he spoke of?

Sources say a three-sided display Samsung device could go into production by the end of the year. But the large-scale production of one might be further down the roadmap since this material is said to be difficult to work with and has limited availability.

Samsung, if any of this is true, you’ve got our attention and we’re looking forward to the release of such a device. 

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[Source: CNet]

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