Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 - eight reasons to upgrade

The Galaxy S4's a great phone, but the S5's even better. Here are eight reasons to consider upgrading (and three reasons to stick with what you've got)

Admit it - you're looking at your Galaxy S4 in a new light since the Galaxy S5 arrived.

Don't worry, we all get phone envy from time to time - and never more so than when a new flagship arrives to knock yours down a notch in the smartphone pecking order.

So should you upgrade from the S4 to the S5? Or are you better off sticking with what you've got? Here are our findings.

1) It's toughened up

Both phones may be crafted from beautiful slabs of the finest, er, plastic, but where the S4 was prone to creaking and flexing under pressure, the S5 feels far more rubust. It's also waterproof and dustproof to the IP67 certification - which, according to Samsung, means it's safe from "rain, liquids, sand, dust and sweat". Quite why anyone would sweat all over their phone is a mystery to us, as is why rain and sweat aren't considered liquids anyway. But there's no denying that this is A Good Thing for a phone to be.

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2) It's easier on the eye(s)

Two things to bear in mind here - firstly, the S5's far more physically attractive than the S4, particularly in its Charcoal Black variety. Not attractive in an HTC One (M8) way, maybe, but certainly more pleasant to spend time with than its predecessor, thanks to its metal-look edges and dimpled back. Secondly, it also has a nicer screen. Now in pure spec terms the S4 has a higher pixel density than the S5 (441ppi to 432ppi), but despite that, we prefer the newer phone's screen: it's brighter, text is crisper and colours seem just a little more vibrant.

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3) It's joined the 4K club

How important this is to you will depend on whether you have a 4K television or not. What's that? You don't have a 4K TV and don't know anyone who does? Well never mind - you'll keep your new S5 for at least a year, and by this time next year 4K TVs will be a lot more affordable. And that'll mean you'll be able to shoot 4K video on your phone and watch it on your TV, thus making up for the fact that there's barely any content yet available in 4K anyway.

4) It has more megapixels

Three more, to be precise - giving it a total of 16MP to the S4's 13MP (see, we knew our maths GCSE would come in handy one day). That means you can crop into photos more drastically, helping to make up for the fact that the camera lacks an optical zoom. That's not the only improvement to the camera, either: it also focuses far more quickly and has a nifty post-shot 'Selective focus' feature which genuinely works.

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5) It's finger friendly

Yes, we know the S4 had a touchscreen too, but it didn't have a fingerprint scanner, did it? Well the Galaxy S5 does, and it can do more than just unlock your phone - authorise payments for Samsung apps or PayPal transactions, for instance, or access private files. Hopefully Google Play access will follow soon - being able to pay for all new apps with a press of the finger would be a mighty cool feature.

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