Nokia Normandy - an Android phone with Lumia DNA

UPDATED! Nokia appears to have passed through the Android camp. But will its leaked soldier ever see battle?

Last November, @evleaks released shots of a Nokia Android phone kitted out in a red Lumia-like shell with a single back button gracing the front. And now it’s back.

Posted to Twitter and Chinese social network Weibo, the latest spy shot shows off a reportedly genuine Normandy engineering prototype, with the Nokia logo present on what appears to be a live screen.

Although it’s entombed in a chunky black case, there’s no hiding the centralised capacitive back button which matches up with the initial leaked images.

The Normandy is expected to run on a heavily customised version of Android, similar to that of Amazon’s Kindle Fire range of tablets, with custom themes incorporated from both Windows phone and Nokia’s entry-level Asha range.

Sadly, photos of the actual Android operating system in action have yet to be revealed and it’s unclear whether or not this is more than a prototype that will ever see the inside of a civilian’s pockets.

Stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.

[@evleaks, Twitter, via The Verge]

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Update: Another picture of the Nokia Normandy has been posted on Weibo, and this time we've got some screen-on action.

If it is running Android then it's safe to say that it's an extremely modified, heavily-skinned version, as it's completely unrecognisable from Google's mobile OS.

All we need now is a leaked video of the Normandy in action. Fingers crossed...

[Weibo via Tech Radar]

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