Android Wear watches available within weeks, and all the other news you’ve missed

We round-up all the tech that came out of Google’s I/O Conference 2014

Many of you were eagerly, and patiently, anticipating the assortment of technologies Google intended to unveil at its annual I/O Conference. If you've been feeding off rumours of what’s to come, Google’s finally put our minds to rest on its biggest tech for 2014.

If you missed these announcements by some freak of nature, we’ve consolidated them here for you.

Android Wear’s available sooner than we thought

Google didn’t disappoint us when it came to the Android Wear range. LG’s G Watch, Samsung’s Gear Live and Motorola’s Moto 360 were all showed off at their finest at the event, and they (most of them at least) surprised us with their quick go-to-market availability.

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Android “L” is on the way

Another announcement that may have been the biggest focus at the I/O Conference is Android “L”. We’re guessing it will be the abbreviation for Lollipop, but Google’s keeping mum on it. But what Google has revealed is eight things about the new Android operating system.

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Pinterest comes out saying it wants to be on Android Wear

Nobody’s playing no waiting game when it comes to putting their solutions on the latest gizmos that came out of Google’s I/O Conference. Pinterest was one of the first in putting its hand up to declare that it’ll be working on an update to its visual discovery Android app for Android Wear compatibility.

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Razer’s new micro-console will be made for content streaming

Razer’s another vendor that’s jumped the queue in working on a new connected entertainment device to supplement the Android TV Google unveiled at its I/O Conference. Named the micro-console, and looking very similar to Apple TV, the solution aims to stream movies, music, and other apps to the big screen.  

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The Project Tango tablet will be for consumers

You won’t have to wait too long for Google’s 3D-mapping Project Tango tablet now; that’s in comparison to well, not knowing when you are going to get it. It’s scheduled a 2015 release (but not specifically when) and hasn’t revealed pricing details too but we’re pumped to know we can soon get our hands on it.  

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