FCC leaks hint at a new Samsung smartwatch running on Android Wear

There’s also speculation that the device will also be smaller than the Gear 2

Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2 made their debut just a couple of months ago, but the electronics vendor is back at it again, crafting yet another smartwatch, or so it seems.

In preparation for a new set of wearable technology, the Korean company recently filed a few documents with the FCC, outlining details for a “smart wearable wristwatch” named “Samsung SM-R382”.

The filing was first noticed by SammyToday, which claimed the new device may be a bit smaller than the Gear 2 and that it could potentially be running on Android Wear, Google’s Android OS built for wearable tech.

If these rumours are indeed true, it would then mean a divergent strategy path taken by Samsung since its Gear 2 runs on the open source OS Tizen. But of course, all this is just hearsay at this point in time – the company hasn’t come forth to confirm it.  

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Does size matter?

The purported filing also indicates that the new smartwatch will measure 1.45in by 1.8in. When we compare it to the 1.4in by 2.2in Gear 2, the change, although not very great, might make a significant difference to someone who sports a very small wrist.  

We might meet Samsung’s first Android Wear powered smartwatch at the Google I/O conference on 25 and 26 June (not too long a wait from now), alongside the speculated LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360.

On a side note, Samsung’s already on the list of confirmed partners heralding Google’s Android Wear in its devices, so it’s now just a matter of when it makes its move.

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[Source: Business Insider]

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