Drop everything and try these - Spirit Horizon and Conquest Age

New smartphone games by Singapore-based developer Daylight Studios attract with beautiful artwork and interesting gameplay

Made-in-Singapore apps and games are aplenty, and two more have arrived to keep you glued to your smartphone. You can thank game publisher Infocomm Asia Holdings and developer Daylight Studios for that.

Spirit Horizon

Aimed at casual gamers, this puzzle game puts you in control of young spirit warrior Izec, battling monsters in the world of Kaldera. Aiding Izec along the way is his grandfather, who dishes out sagely advice, and the spirits of Kaldera, each having its own unique abilities to wipe enemies off the floor.

The game is a typical match-3 puzzle game, but only requires you to tap on three or more gems linked together, rather than switching gem positions to create the link. Build combos by spotting and tapping gems swiftly and in succession to deal more damage to the enemies.

Spirits, which are collected as the storyline progresses, are upgradeable, though each requires a specific material to receive a stat boost.

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Conquest Age

Role-playing game Conquest Age will test your crafting and reaction like never before. The real-time combat system takes a page out of Infinity Blade, requiring players to react according to enemy actions by evading, blocking or attacking at the right moments. Each action uses action points, which are replenished during combat.

Players can choose from three character classes, each with its own special attacks that become available as the character gains experience points and unlocks more skills on their skill trees.

Multiplayer aspects are also present. Deepen your rivalry with friends by engaging in PvP combat, or collaborate on War Conquests to defeat tough monsters and reap the rewards.

The combat system is just a peek at the immersiveness of the game. You can craft and combine different items to unlock rare weapons with epic stats.


Both games are now available in Singapore and Malaysia, and it costs absolutely nothing to download them. If the cuter illustrations are your cup of tea, get Spirit Horizon from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. iOS users get first dibs on Conquest Age, though Daylight Studios mentioned that an Android version is in the works.

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