10 MIUI secrets that all Xiaomi fans need to know about

Wi-Fi sharing with QR code

You’re at your friend’s house, and desperately need to hook up your phone to the Wi-Fi network. He hands you the Wi-Fi password.

It’s asdAfsad23SA. Good luck typing those letters and numbers in, complete with capital letters.

In MIUI, there’s an easier way to share your Wi-Fi network via a QR code. Plus, all Xiaomi devices have a QR code reader integrated into the camera app, so you can simply activate the camera, point it at the QR code and you’re connected. And it’s not limited to Xiaomi phones. We’ve tried scanning the QR code with another Android smartphone, and it worked.

To activate: go to settings, followed by Wi-Fi. Select the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to, and click on Share Wi-Fi to activate the QR code for scanning.

Great for: absent-minded folks who tend to forget their Wi-Fi password or, heaven forbid, their own Wi-Fi network’s SSID.

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Xiaomi redmi note doesnt supporte 4G net work, if u put a 4G SIM card in it, it will change 4G to 2G automatically.

PS, http://fr.xiaomidevice.com/xiaomi-hongmi-note-android-4-2-2go-ram-8gorom...

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