7 secret Xiaomi MIUI tricks that you definitely need to know

You’ll be surprised by these unknown yet powerful tricks in this affordable smartphone from China

So we heard you couldn’t handle the temptation and bought the Xiaomi Mi3. Which, by the way, is now selling at S$299 during Xiaomi's summer sale.

Three days later, you'd think you’ve figured out everything about the Xiaomi Android smartphone and what it can do for you.

You know nothing, Xiaomi fan. There’s so much more you can do with Xiaomi’s MIUI. While there’s tons of great features you might not be aware of, we’re going to make life easier for you by featuring seven relatively well-hidden features that’ll, ermm, make your life easier.

Private messaging

Unlike other messaging apps, MIUI’s private messaging feature is integrated within its default app. The usual security features apply, you can set a password to prevent unauthorised access, or you can even designate private contacts that’ll send messages straight into the private folder.

To activate: open the messaging app. Continue to swipe the screen downwards till the private message section appears.

Great for: couples should never have secrets. But for those who have skeletons in their closets, do we really need to explain why you need to hide 'sensitive' messages? 

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