10 Samsung gadgets that created a brave new tech world

Slapping a Super AMOLED screen onto their latest tablet is just one of the many advancements Samsung made for gadgets

Last week, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, ready to please your peepers with its Super AMOLED display.

Which, by the way, is the first time the South Korean company planted its super colour-rich screen technology on a tablet. But this isn't the only breakthrough Samsung has made for the past few years. And beyond the smartphone and tablet markets that it plans to dominate, the chaebol also gave us intelligent TVs, robotic vacuum cleaners and fridges.

Some were innovative for its time, but soon became obsolete. Others were a stab in the dark and went viral without intending to. If you’ve held any of these Samsung devices over the last few years, let us know what you think of them in the comment box below.

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2008: Samsung Omnia I

Owned a Windows Mobile phone before? Welcome to the exclusive club of geeks who once hailed the first Samsung Omnia as the ultimate Windows Mobile device. In retrospect, smartphone choices were severely limited six years ago. But it was the best we had, allowing you to have your personal digital diary, media player and all sorts of new-fangled tech that were squeezed into one tiny device.

Verdict: it redefined Windows Mobile. Not for long though, just until iOS and Android showed up and decimated Microsoft's mobile operating system.

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