Amazon unveils the Amazon Fire phone, and all the other news you’ve missed

Grab a cuppa and review the top news that made headlines this week

Before tech vendors spew scores of new devices at Google’s I/O conference in the coming days, and also put to rest some speculations that have been running the rumour mill, we bring you the top stories that have been making its mark on Stuff this week.

Amazon’s Fire Phone is all about intensifying the retail experience

After months of guesswork, Amazon’s finally put to rest rumours of its Android-based Fire Phone. The mega retailer’s first foray into the smartphone space has actually got many curious about the device. It not only is a media-centric device that has a new Firefly feature to help with purchases, it also boasts technology that enables it to create 3D effects.

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Microsoft leaks information of its own Surface Mini

Oops! Microsoft’s made a move that might partially put to rest some gossip – it’s accidentally leaked information about its highly anticipated Surface Mini on a user manual on its website. You can call the move stupid, but you can’t deny it’s renewed the hope in many that it’ll soon release the device in the market.

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HTC could be making the next and final Nexus tablet

Before all you Nexus fans bawl your eyes out that Google’s discontinuing its Nexus line-up, it might have one last Nexus to deliver before saying goodbye. And Taiwanese manufacturer HTC could be the vendor that'll create this next and final Nexus tablet. Android Police has released some information of its looks, specs, and pricing, which look promising.

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Google follows Apple’s footsteps to create in-car solution

The days of tech vendors remaining in tech are long gone. They’re now reaching into other verticals such as wearables, your kitchen, and even into automation. And Google’s no different, or so it seems. It’s apparently created an in-car solution named “Auto Link”, similar to that of Apple’s Carplay to let users control their Android phones from their car dashboards.

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There’s an iWatch to watch out for by October

There’s not been much hearsay in the industry of an iWatch, as compared to the next iPhone – until now. A report from Reuters has indicated that we could be strapping on Apple’s latest wearable technology by October this year, and that it'll look “slightly rectangular”, presumably similar to a FuelBand or Acer Liquid Leap.

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